Congratulations to National Director Susan Fisher!

June 19, 2021

Don’t tell teachers we told you so, but sometimes, playing “hooky” from school can change your life forever! Ask Susan Fisher of Colleyville, Texas, a former high school principal. At her brother’s urging, she skipped work to attend one of Kynect’s very first meetings.


Before walking through the door, she wasn’t convinced it was for her. She doubted she’d be “good enough” to make it work. But she thought of her debt and her distant retirement, and decided it was worth a try. She tapped into her competitive spirit to push her forward.



It paid off big time. At Kynection 2021, in front of her entire Kynect Family, we had the pleasure of introducing Susan as one of our newest National Directors!


Congrats, Lady Fish!



From the beginning, Susan has been a trailblazer in Kynect, especially for women. She recalled being on stage at an event, looking over a crowd made up of over 85% women, and thinking something special was brewing in the room. It led her and others to start Kynect’s first female-focused call, which paved the way for what would become Women of Power.



Beyond that, Susan’s impact has been felt far and wide. You can always count on her to make the newest person in the room feel like an old friend. And while her personality is as big as her home state of Texas, you can be sure she doesn’t let it overshadow the mission at hand.


“I got into this thinking, what if I could put away extra money for retirement and make money to get out of credit card debt?” Susan says. “Now I sit and think ‘Hey, I did both of those. But why not answer that prayer for the new guy just starting out?’”


Susan’s big heart and passion for people has set a shining example for the entire community to follow. And while she’s reached the pinnacle of her business, we know her work is only getting started.




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