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Congratulations to Our Prize Winners!

February 04, 2021

Big round of applause to our prize winners! This week on Wednesday Night Live, we revealed the winners of several fantastic giveaways and contests, including plane rides with our Founder and credits for a much-needed vacation. See if your name’s on the list below.  


Winners: We hope these prizes bring you tons of joy and help you make some lasting memories. Be on the lookout for an email next week confirming your prize and instructions on claiming it. Congratulations!


Plane Ride with Rob Snyder



Executive Director Brett Morrow

Senior Director Arlene Poteet

Senior Director Eric Villalta


Samsung 55” 4K Smart TV

courtesy of Brinks Home Security®



Managing Director Edward Furtch

Managing Director Melvin Finley Jr.


Truvvi™ Insider Vacation

$999 travel credit



Managing Director Margo Rappel

Managing Director Brian Stone

Managing Director Candice Stockton

Regional Director Kelsey Anderson

Regional Director Lee Pudliner


Truvvi Insider Escape

$249 travel credit



Presidential Director Winchel Elibert

Executive Director Joanna Laxton

Executive Director Guy Pryor

Executive Director Martin Augustine

Executive Director Mark Evans

Senior Director Myrza Mendez

Senior Director Maria Isac Palacios

Senior Director Abner Jesus Camarillo Sanchez

Senior Director Vilma Garcia

Senior Director Keia Sledge

Managing Director Manuel Rosette

Managing Director Chrissy Baker

Managing Director Terry Brookins

Managing Director Josefina Rodriguez Nuez

Managing Director Wyman Ferguson

Regional Director Patrice Rogers

Regional Director Dexter Christian

Regional Director Dennel Leach

Regional Director D’Ani Pullam

Regional Director Juan Lira


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