Show the Plan Tuesday + Spanish Now Available!

1 day ago

Congratulations to everyone who took advantage of the virtual Business Presentation and trainings this week! These events were a smash hit for IBOs looking to build their business with help from some of our most successful leaders, and they’re here to stay.


Moving forward, drive all your prospects to a virtual Business Presentation and Quick Start training on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Expert presenters will do all the work; all you have to do is invite your guests to watch and be ready to help them get started after the event ends. Success is a joint effort at ACN. Plug into your support system and help each other grow!

UPDATE: Beginning Tuesday, September 21, the virtual ACN Business Presentation and Quick Start training will also be available in Spanish! Be sure to share the appropriate link with your prospects. 




Next Opportunity to Show the Plan: 

Tuesday, September 21

8 p.m. CT


As always, encourage your newest IBOs to drive all their prospects to this event. They’ll have an easier time growing their new business with expert presenters showing the plan on their behalf!  





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