Truvvi Retires on October 1: What You Need to Know

September 01, 2021

As of October 1, 2021, Truvvi™ will no longer be available. Before it’s official, there are some things you need to know:

  • You and your customers need to cash out your Truvvi Wallet. The $25 minimum will not apply. Even if you only have a couple bucks in there, get your payout before October 1.
  • Unused gift cards should be used by October 1 because the Truvvi app/website will be unavailable. Alternatively, customers can take a screenshot of their gift card or write down the card number and PIN so they can use it anytime.
  • Any travel reservations created on or before October 1 will be honored.
  • Annual Truvvi customers will be reimbursed for the months remaining in their yearly subscription.

We’ll communicate these details to your customers also, but feel free to give them a heads up. We’re sad to say goodbye to Truvvi, but your plate will be plenty full with the 14 value-packed services offered by ACN! 



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