Master Flash Mobile with These New Trainings

September 07, 2021

When someone agrees to become your customer, you’ll want their experience to begin on a high note. As you’re building with Flash Mobile, that positive experience starts right away as they sign up. Let’s make sure you’re equipped to go above and beyond for your customers by guiding them through a simple, seamless enrollment.


Three new in-depth trainings are here to show you how to prepare for a successful Flash Mobile enrollment, understand the enrollment process, and help your customers activate as quickly as possible. Give them a watch here, or access them anytime on ACN Compass and the ACN + Kynect YouTube channel. Spanish coming soon, so stay tuned!


How to Prepare




How to Enroll




How to Activate



Flash Mobile Training Overview

From 8/10


Learn more about Flash Mobile’s plans, the enrollment and activation processes, and the very important pre-enrollment steps you and your customers should take to ensure a smooth experience all around.





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