New Stream Customer Experience Updates

July 19, 2021

Summer is here and some sizzling-hot new updates from Stream have arrived to enhance your customer’s energy experience in Georgia, Midwest and Northeast markets! The list includes:

  • Redesigned Energy Bill for Georgia Customers
  • Enhanced Communications
  • No More Payment Convenience Fees for Georgia Customers
  • New Phone Menu
  • Update to the ID Verification Process

Get the full scoop below.


Energy Bill Makeover and New Account Number for Georgia Customers


Energy bills have a fresh new look for customers in Georgia! This newly redesigned bill makes it easier for customers to understand their charges and for associates to compare their customer’s energy bills with Stream’s. With their first bill, customers will receive a flyer on how to read it so they can get acquainted with all the new features.


Enhanced Communications


Customers in Georgia, Northeast and Midwest will now receive emailed communications instead of mailed letters, making enrollment notifications and account management quicker and easier! Stream has also increased communications for the enrollment process, so customers are in the know every step of the way.


Georgia, Northeast and Midwest will be emailed:

  • Welcome emails and contract documents
  • Alerts for additional steps to complete enrollment (like holds for deposit or ID verification)
  • Renewal notices with contract documents
  • Service has started notification

Additionally, Georgia customers will also receive:

  • Receipts for deposit payments
  • Payment plan updates
  • Payment reminders
  • Past due and disconnect notices
  • and more!

Convenience Fee Freedom for Georgia Customers


Georgia customers can now enjoy convenience fee freedom when they make a payment with a credit card, online or via the automated phone system.


New Automated Phone Menu


In an effort to better serve your Georgia, Northeast and Midwest customers, Stream updated the phone menu navigation for customers dialing 1-866-447-8732. Click the image below to get a closer look.



ID Verification Process Update


If customers need to verify their identity, rather than being instructed to call Stream following their web enrollment, customers will now receive instructions on how to verify their identity on the last page of enrollment and via email. All they have to do is follow these simple steps:

These enhancements make it easier for your customers to manage their account and power their lifestyle so they can get back to all the summer fun. Be sure to spread the word to your team!




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