Big Round of Applause for New Executive Director Luz Molano!

August 05, 2021

Luz Molano has always loved connecting with others and helping them better their lives. Before joining Kynect, her work took her to homes throughout her community delivering educational and health-related materials to families and children. Luz enjoyed getting to meet people and helping them through her job.


In September 2016, Luz was presented with another way of helping others. When a friend presented the Kynect opportunity, Luz wasted no time and joined immediately! Even with zero experience in network marketing, Luz knew that Kynect would change her life.


Faith, Family & Freedom


Luz had one major goal when she joined Kynect: gaining time freedom. Thanks to her strong faith and unwavering support from her family – husband Abel, daughters Kendy and Liliana Alexandra, and three beautiful grandchildren (with one more on the way!) – Luz achieved it!





“When we can get together, we have so much fun,” says Luz. “I love being able to take family vacations and spending holidays together.”


Incredible Success


Luz’s journey to Executive Director has been filled with success. Her incredible passion and work ethic helped her earn the Lifestyle Achievement Bonus in 2018, 2019 and 2020! She’s also been the proud recipient of the Rising Star Award in 2019 and the Power of Leadership Award in 2020. And her achievements don’t stop there!


Her dedication has been rewarded with trips to places near and far – Jamaica in 2018, Cancun in 2019 and 2020, and Arizona in 2020. Luz already has her sights set on future trips with the company so she can create wonderful memories, like when she was able to ride a hot air balloon in Arizona.


There is no doubt that Luz will continue to achieve great things as an IBO with ACN + Kynect. Her winning attitude, her willingness to take on any obstacle, and her commitment to working with her team will help her succeed all over the world.


Like she says, “For me, ‘I can’t’ doesn’t exist. Working together, we can reach unlimited success.”



Compensation is earned only when customers are acquired. Refer to the ACN Compensation Plan for complete details. Earnings as an ACN IBO are based solely upon the successful sale of products to customers and their usage of those products. Individuals will incur expenses in operating their ACN business, such as the sign-up fee and renewal fee, as well as other possible operating expenses. As with any business, earnings and success at ACN are not guaranteed but depend primarily on the individual’s persistence, effort, and results of acquiring customers personally and/or through their team. Individuals will not earn income and will lose money as an IBO if customers are not acquired.



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