When Do ACN + Kynect IBOs Get Paid?

July 27, 2021

No question about it—you’ve been learning a lot over the last few weeks about your new opportunities as an IBO. But there’s one thing you may not be familiar with yet: when to expect to get paid! Kind of important, right?


At ACN, bonuses and residual income are paid on different schedules. Here’s what you need to know:


Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CABs)


All CABs are paid every Friday. Qualifying customers need to be in the system and accepted (more on that below) by Wednesday to be paid out on Friday of the same week.


Residual Income


This is paid on the third Friday of every month. Customers need to be in the system and accepted by the first Friday of the month to count.


Keep in mind, the days listed above are when ACN sends payments. Your bank may need 1-3 days to process the funds.  Each payment is subject to a $3 administration fee.


Order Entry Timelines


Toward the end of the ACN Compensation Plan, you’ll find a section for Order Entry Timelines. Essentially, the time it takes for a customer enrollment to move through the system varies by service. That impacts when they appear on your Personal Customer List (PCL), when they count toward your income qualification, and when you’ll be paid for that particular customer.


To be paid on a customer each week or month, they need to be accepted in the system by a certain day. Refer to the Order Entry Timelines section of the Compensation Plan to see when enrollments for each service will count toward your qualifications.




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