Congratulations, New National Director Willa Gipson!

June 19, 2021

Did you know we have a hall of famer in our midst? Willa Gipson has been enshrined in 4 halls of fame as an athlete and an athletic administrator. And it looks like she’s just added a fifth to the list: At Kynection, we revealed Willa’s promotion to National Director!



This ascension should come as no surprise, as achievement comes so naturally to her. Willa started high school at 12, graduated college at 19, and went on to have a history-making career in education. She began teaching and coaching athletics in a small Texas town, eventually becoming an assistant principal before taking on the role of athletic director.



In short, Willa has been a busy woman almost her entire life. So, when her friend Susan Fisher (who was recognized alongside her as a new National Director) invited to learn about Kynect, the prospect of adding even more to her plate was daunting. But she couldn’t help but think of her mom.


“I wanted to help my mother, who was living on social security,” Willa explained. “I wanted her to be comfortable. To not worry about finances.”


That selfless thinking led her to join, and she quickly realized her love for coaching and helping others grow and develop was an invaluable skill in her new business.


Willa has built and leads a thriving team of equally driven and talented Associates who share her passion to help those who need it. She’s a beloved mentor within the Women of Power community. She has 2 children in college with busy sports schedules, and they expect to see their mom in the crowd cheering them on.



Has her life slowed down much since before Kynect? Not exactly. But this is a type of time freedom Willa can get behind.

“This is what I do,” she says. “This is what I enjoy, helping other people realize their goals and dreams.”




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