Kynection Changes the Game—Here’s Why

June 08, 2021

You hear it over and over again in this industry: You’ll gain unstoppable momentum in your business if you’re building from event to event. We know that’s been tough over the last year, but all that’s about to change. Kynection is right around the corner, and the possibility for growth is absolutely staggering.


But don’t take it from us! These leaders have firsthand knowledge of Kynection’s ability to raise the bar for your business and open up new opportunities to accelerate. Check out their reflections on the most important event of the year, get registered, and tell everyone you know to do the same!



Kynection 2021

June 18 & 19

Dallas & online

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“If you haven’t attended Kynection, you are missing out. This is the one annual event you must attend. You will learn so much about our company, our services. You will rub elbows with some of the Top Leaders in the company. Every time we leave this big event, we see a BOOM in our business. We leave with so much excitement—you just have to be there!”

– National Director Dr. Terry Young


“Start 2021 the right way! SHOW UP TO GO UP!”

– Executive Director Michael J. Lerman


“Spending time at these events empowers me to keep going. I learn techniques and tools from the Top Leaders to build my business and reach new goals. And I’ll never forget when they called my name at the Leadership Gala for the top Rising Star of 2018 award. I couldn’t believe it!”

– Executive Director Onofre Rogel



“I spent my birthday attending my first Kynect event and, looking back, it was the best birthday gift I could have asked for. These events provide energy and a certain clarity of the Kynect culture. Seeing so many people excited for the same reasons is powerful and infectious.”

– Executive Director Darrell Watkins


“The adrenaline you come back with is incredible. I come back extremely pumped and ready to conquer!”

– Executive Director Estela Sandoval


“It’s essential to getting the support, tools and knowledge you need, whether you’ve been in the business for 1 month or 8 years! I have always enjoyed the workshops and every year I learn something new.”

– Executive Director Minerva Lopez



“I LOVE it because it brings us all together and instills belief into the newest Associates. Best practices are shared at these events to accelerate our success and growth. I build from event to event and know the leaders who have the most BITs (butts in seats) meet their goals.”

– Executive Director Jack Castella


"I've always said that this event has always been the one that charges my Kynect battery for still another year. Kynection plays a huge part in keeping my business alive! It is our family reunion where we all unite and adjust our mindset with positive people! Kynect is one family working together to achieve the same goals.”

– Senior Director Sylvia Schroeder



“Kynect really knows how to put us in a position to not just excel in this business, but in life period. With all this awesome education, we’re able to breathe life into other people and make a difference. Can’t wait for June!”

– Executive Director Shane Callwood


“Our first corporate event was in 2011, and we’ve never missed an event since. Our business grows after each one and we cannot wait for the next one!”

– Executive Director David Hayden





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