July 15, 2021

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How to Qualify for the Mastermind Retreat

July 06, 2021

As promised, we’ve got your Mastermind Retreat qualification requirements right here! A limitless frontier has opened up in front of you at ACN, making this transformative leadership retreat to Las Vegas even more important to your future.


We can’t stress this enough: Space is extremely limited. We’re taking the 40 IBOs who earn the most points through this promotion. If you want a spot, it’s imperative you take immediate action so you’re among the first to qualify!


Important: Only those who have transitioned to ACN and become IBOs are eligible to participate. If you still need to move over, find instructions here


How to Qualify

Qualification period: July 1 – September 18, 2021


Qualifying to attend is all about creating new growth for your business. Hopefully, you were planning on doing that anyway! As you meet certain requirements, you’ll accumulate points. Like this:

  • Transfer your Kynect business to ACN to become an IBO and acquire 10 new customers = 10 points
  • Earn the July, August or September ETL Bonus* = 10 points
  • Sponsor new IBOs and help them become Customer Qualified in their first 30 days = 5 points each
  • Help new IBOs who start in your ETL open line become Customer Qualified in their first 30 days = 2 points each
  • Help new IBOs who start in your RD open line become Customer Qualified in their first 30 days = 1 point each

Any new IBOs you sponsor or customers you acquire must be qualified by September 30, 2021 to count toward this promotion.


The Retreat


Qualifying Associates will travel to Las Vegas for intimate training with top network marketing professionals, including Jordan Adler, bucket list excursions, VIP treatment, luxury accommodations at the brand-new Virgin Hotel, surprises, and so much more. When you’re not taking a private tour of the Grand Canyon or hopping into a helicopter to soar over the Strip, you’ll be learning how to trigger explosive growth for your business when you return home.  


What an amazing way to kickstart your future at ACN. Money can’t buy this kind of experience—but hard work and the will to win absolutely can!



*See the ACN Compensation Plan for details.

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