Top 5 Reasons to Attend Kynection

June 08, 2021

Kynection is just over one week away! Everyone has their favorite reason for attending the most important event of the year, but let’s be clear: there's value there for every attendee. The positive effects it can have on your future are endless. If you're not registered yet, we encourage you to change that ASAP!

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1. You're Never Done Learning and Growing


Even if you've reached all of the goals you've set out to accomplish this year, just remember you aren’t done learning, and there are deeper benefits to attending than quick bursts of growth. If you’re successful, chances are you’re leading a team. They’re watching and taking cues from your actions. Set the right example.


2. 2 Ways to Attend


Although we'd love to have everyone join us in Dallas, we're excited to offer a virtual experience that gives online attendees a more immersive experience from the comfort of their own home. If you’re attending a watch party with your team, it’s important you register for Kynection so you’re eligible for the attendee-only promotions we announce.    


3. You’re Surrounded by Awesome People


You’ll be surrounded by positive energy and like-minded people who will be thrilled to meet you, including the Home Team! The more, the merrier, so bring your entire team. If you’re attending solo and start feeling lonely, stop someone in a staff shirt and ask for help. We’ll be so happy to introduce you and help you mingle!


4. If It’s Your First Time, Buckle Up


Ahh, to be a first timer again! There’s more to this weekend than training, promotions, and recognition. Think pivotal ah-hah moments where everything falls into place. World-class guest speakers who regularly sell out conferences. Rubbing elbows with Top Leaders. Maybe most importantly, it’s the one time of year when the entire Kynect Family can meet under one roof. The resulting energy is indescribable!


5. The Perfect Way to Follow Rev Up


Rev Up was fantastic, especially after over a year without a Kynect event. But Kynection is where the real magic happens, and where we really start to take things to the next level. Nonstop good vibes meet in-depth training, emotional recognition moments, surprises, networking, eye-opening presentations and so much more. Rev Up was an event—Kynection is an experience.


What are you waiting for? It’s time to invest in yourself at Kynection!

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