What’s Next for the Kynect Foundation

June 19, 2021

We loved seeing the Kynect Foundation have such a huge weekend at Kynection! They helped us start off the event with some incredibly rewarding volunteer work: assembling hygiene kits for Hope Supply Co. Over 300 Associates and members of the Home Team worked together to assemble 3,600+ kits that will be delivered to children and babies across North Texas. Amazing work!




Later, Kynect Co-Founder and head of the Kynect Foundation Pierre Koshakji and Event & Volunteer Coordinator Claudia Watrous gave attendees a preview of upcoming projects. It looks like the foundation will be staying busy throughout the rest of 2021!


A Warm Welcome for Returning Soldiers


The Kynect Foundation is partnering again with Operation Once in a Lifetime later this year. As many soldiers begin returning home to Texas, Georgia and Philadelphia, they’ll be staying on base in bunkers that could use some help feeling more like home. The Kynect Foundation has donated $60,000 to Operation Once in a Lifetime to help stock those bunkers with essentials like comfortable bedding, hygiene products and more.


If you want help shop and deliver items to soldiers, we’ll have a volunteer opportunity for you soon. Be on the lookout!


Safer Homes for Families


The Kynect Foundation has also partnered up with the American Red Cross to help make homes in our communities safer. A donation of $60,000 will go to the Red Cross’s smoke alarm education and installation initiative, which helps raise awareness and increase fire prevention in at-risk homes.


Want to help educate families and install these life-saving devices? Another volunteer event is coming your way soon. Keep an eye out!


We can’t wait to see how many more lives can be impacted by the big hearts that power the Kynect Foundation!


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