Get Social with Jessica Higdon This Sunday

June 04, 2021

How far is your social media reach? Chances are it’s bigger than you think! You have connections all across the country, and you could be using them right now to significantly expand your business.


Sounds like a big undertaking, but Kynection speaker Jessica Higdon can break it down easily for you! She’s our special guest on Sunday Night Live this week, bringing you just a small preview of what’s coming later this month on the event stage.


And…between us…we’re thinking it’s time to reveal the winners of our Kynection speaker breakfast giveaway! Are you one of the lucky attendees who will sit down to a meal with some of the biggest, brightest minds in the business? Tune in to find out!


Sunday Night Live

with special guest Jessica Higdon

June 6 at 7 p.m. CT

Watch Here






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