Congratulations, New Executive Director Elva Davila!

June 03, 2021

From seamstress, to salesperson, to big rig truck driver, to entrepreneur! While some may think these describe the different professions of some of Kynect’s Associates, they all describe just one person: Elva Davila!


Now a new description can be added to the list – Executive Director. Since joining Kynect in December of 2015 in Pharr, TX, Elva has worked tirelessly to become one of the company’s many success stories.


For Family & Friends


But Elva wasn’t always sure that Kynect was the right fit for her. When a friend presented the opportunity to join Kynect, Elva was already living her dream of owning her own business of natural products. She had also been involved in other multilevel companies in the past that hadn’t quite worked out for her.


“When my friend presented the opportunity, I wasn’t really interested,” says Elva. “I ended up joining more to support my friend than to make money.”  



Elva continued running her natural products business and had great financial success with it. But even though her business provided financially, she realized that it didn’t give her the time to spend with her family. The ability to enjoy being with her children, 20 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren became a goal for Elva.


Luckily, she had continued to build her Kynect business on the side. After 3 years, Elva was earning enough to be able to close her natural products business and make Kynect her full-time passion. All while earning the freedom to spend more time with her loved ones.


A Path to Success


Elva describes herself as someone who’s passionate about her work, who likes to be positive, and who will always dedicate 100% to whatever she’s doing. These qualities are the reason that Elva has achieved so much with Kynect.


Just 3 months after joining, she promoted to Senior Director. In 2019, she earned a spot as a Lifestyle Achievement Bonus qualifier (formerly 300 Club), giving her the opportunity to drive a new Mercedes Benz. And she’s earned other numerous bonuses and trips from Kynect to commemorate her many accomplishments.


“I still can’t believe it!” she says. “There is no better company than Kynect!”



Elva is now focused on rising to the highest ranks of the company. She also wants to help other families achieve financial success and reach their own dreams. She is focused on sharing the opportunity Kynect offers and to teach others how to emulate her success.


“I think the key to success is perseverance. In fact, my motto is: insist, persist, and never desist,” says Elva. Very wise words from this Executive Director!



In 2020, the average Associate was a Regional Director and their income was $305.47; the median of all our Associates’ income was $100 while their average income was $1,495.46. In comparison, Engaged Associates earned $2,276. To learn more about earnings and "average" versus "Engaged" Associates, please visit




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