ED Celebration Dinner

Executive Director Alma Mejia Paints the Town Blue

June 09, 2021

Just before everything changed last year, Alma Mejia quietly accomplished her goal of promoting to Executive Director. Her “why” was always her family. Before Kynect, she was cleaning hotel rooms and hoping to find a new job that would pay at least $9 an hour. That income, she believed, would be enough to support those she loved.


And then she found Kynect. She recalled thinking it sounded like a way to help her family. As it turns out, it’s been so much more!


Over a year after her Executive Director promotion, Alma sat surrounded by many friends and business partners whose lives she’s touched at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Houston. Everyone was decked out in blue to celebrate her achievement.


Vice President of Field Development Adrian Avila opened the evening with a heartfelt toast before Alma began thanking her team’s support and belief in her leadership. Guests shared their stories, and Alma was even able to meet a new Managing Director on her team. The 2 had met over Zoom during the pandemic, and this dinner was their first meeting face-to-face.


Alma was joined by her partner, Senior Director Juan Jimenez, and many other guests:


National Directors Blanca and Miguel Morales

Senior Director Fidela Reyna Romero

Senior Director Juana Godinez

Senior Director Rocio Ramirez

Managing Directors Damarys and Hector Cartegena

Managing Director Celina Guevara

Regional Director Hilda Bernal

Regional Directors Delma and Ruben Contreras

Regional Director Elvira Guzman

Regional Director Carlos Lazo

Regional Director Rose Arguello


Senior Manager of Recognition & Incentives Kimberly Girard joined Adrian as representatives of the Home Team.


“We are incredibly proud of Alma’s many accomplishments since joining the Kynect family and especially her promotion to the prestigious rank of Executive Director,” Adrian said. “She is a shining example of what can be accomplished when you combine a powerful ‘why’ with a tremendous work ethic. Congratulations to Alma and her dedicated team!”


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