Texas AEP Central & North TDU Charge Update on 6/10

June 09, 2021

We wanted to give you a quick heads up that AEP Central & North will be updating their delivery charges. You’ll find the new delivery charge amounts on on June 10, within the details of specific plans.


As a reminder, these charges:


  • Are determined by the TDU itself, not Stream;
  • Are changing for all energy providers in the area, not just Stream;
  • Pay for the maintenance of the poles and wires that deliver electricity to your customers;
  • Usually appear as a separate line item on electricity bills.


This update will impact plans that pass-through delivery charges, so new Residential customers who choose Smart Choice 60, Conserve & Save 12, Green & Clean 12 and Flex Choice Intro can expect to see a change in delivery charges which will change their “Average All-in Rate.”  Customers renewing on Smart & Secure 60, Conserve & Save 12, Secure Choice Green & Clean 12 and Secure Choice 24 will also notice a change. All Business offers can also expect to see this change.


While Stream has no say in how or when a utility makes changes like these, they always want to support your success by making sure you’re kept up to speed on anything that could impact your business!




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