July 15, 2021

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ED Celebration Dinner

An Unforgettable Evening for the Sandovals

May 25, 2021

We live for reunions this sweet! Estela and Raul Sandoval were treated to an especially moving evening with their team during their long-awaited Executive Director Celebration Dinner.


After many months apart, the Sandovals were joined by beloved friends and business partners on the night before the McAllen Rev Up Tour stop. They shared stories, laughs, tears and songs to celebrate being together again and, of course, to honor Estela and Raul’s amazing achievement!



A friend introduced Estela to Kynect in 2007. She joined, but already had a booming photography business and a growing family to tend to. She canceled her position to focus on those parts of her life. Then, in 2017, Estela let go of her studio after 13 years and fate came knocking again. She started her Kynect business in earnest and now looks back in wonder on all that she and Raul have achieved.


“I’m very happy with where we stand today,” she says. “It took me 10 years to come back to Kynect. God only knows where we’d be today if I hadn’t been so hard-headed in 2007!”



By November 2020, they promoted to Executive Director. During their celebration dinner at Prime Steak & Seafood in McAllen, Estela shared her appreciation for her team and fellow Rio Grande Valley Associates for helping them make their dreams come true. Many of these same people packed the restaurant to help them celebrate:


Executive Directors Tacho Rocha and Sandra Cuellar

Senior Director Veronica Caballero

Senior Director Irma Capetillo

Senior Director Teresa Gómez

Senior Director Sanjuana Gonzalez

Senior Director Rossy Alanis

Senior Director Pedro Boix

Senior Director Ana Lilia Obregon

Senior Directors Juana Rodriguez and Jesus Sandoval

Senior Director Samuel Silva

Senior Director Elva Davila

Managing Director Leticia Martinez

Managing Director Graciela Salazar

Managing Director Lupita Manzo

Managing Director Fidela Mendez

Regional Director Rosa Calderon

Regional Director Bertha Ledezma


Plus: Founder Rob Snyder, Senior VP of Field Development Donna Valdes, VP of Field Development Adrian Avila, Senior Manager of Recognition & Incentives Kimberly Girard and Manager of Field Development - Spanish Market Jennifer Umanzor.


This was Donna’s first ever Executive Director Celebration Dinner, and she said she could feel the love in the room:

“What an honor to be included in their celebration dinner! The love from their team was abundant and infectious. It was a great moment that will turn into a wonderful memory for everyone.”


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