ED Celebration Dinner

Honoring Minerva Lopez & Victor Osorio in ATL

May 28, 2021

Another night of celebration and memory-making in the books! As the Home Team made their way across the country for the Rev Up Tour, it was a high honor to throw an Executive Director Celebration Dinner for Minerva Lopez and Victor Osorio.


Just as the world was changing in March of 2020, Minerva and Victor promoted to Executive Director. Over a year later, they reunited with their team for a luxurious dinner at Pricci Italian in Atlanta, where friends and business partners alike shared in their appreciation and pride for all this power couple has accomplished.


As any Top Leader will tell you, it’s a long climb to Executive Director. But with plenty of patience, persistence and unyielding support from their prolific upline, Minerva and Victor made it happen.


The driving force behind it all was their 3 boys. They wanted more time as a family and, most importantly, to show their children what can happen when you commit to wanting and doing more for yourself.


Minerva and Victor have made life-long friends along the way, finding joy in playing a role in so many other success stories. These Associates and guests gathered with the couple to share in that joy:


National Director Mark Florez

National Directors Tiffany and Anthony Cooper

Presidential Directors Felicia and Winchel Elibert

Executive Director Shane Callwood

Senior Director Joseph Osorio

Senior Director Shamara Curtis

Senior Directors Asmarett and Aubrey Ashford

Managing Director Alisa Curtis

Regional Directors Kyla and Tony Fox

Veronica Calatayud


The Home Team was also present to help celebrate including Founder Rob Snyder and Shab Kamoii, Senior Vice President of Field Development Donna Valdes, Vice President of Field Development Adrian Avila, Director of Field Development Bearj Jehanian, and Senior Manager of Recognition & Incentives Kimberly Girard.


“T.O.A. is so proud of this power couple for being so persistent in chasing their dreams, utilizing Kynect as their vehicle,” Winchel said. “We wish them a grand congratulations!”


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