TONIGHT: Leadership Council Unplugged

May 27, 2021

Only 3 weeks separate us from Kynection, an event that has historically resulted in huge waves of growth for attendees. Couple that with the explosive launch of Kynect Wireless, and you’ve got a recipe for unlimited potential!


What actions are you taking to leverage it? Better yet, how are you motivating others to take action? It’s not easy, but that’s where real results are created: In your ability to inspire others to want more for themselves. Luckily, you’re not in this alone. The Leadership Council is jumping in to show you how to use the next month to change the trajectory of your business!


Leadership Council Unplugged

TONIGHT, May 27 @ 7 p.m. CT


Join Here

The most influential leaders in the company will tell you how they’re approaching their own businesses, and how you can create a sense of urgency on your team to take action now. These are golden nuggets of information your entire organization can use to push toward their goals. Make sure everyone is on for this one!




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