ED Celebration Dinner

What a Night for ED Enrique Alatrista!

June 01, 2021

It’s not every day you meet a Top Leader who has no dedicated upline to credit for mentoring them to success. But that’s Enrique Alatrista’s story. He promoted to Executive Director largely as a result of his own talent, positive attitude, and an unflappable drive to achieve. 


A less dedicated man may have called it quits long ago, but not Enrique. He was in it to win it, and to bring as many people along for the ride as he could. That’s the kind of character his team celebrated at his long-awaited Executive Director Celebration Dinner. 



Enrique, his wife Allison, and their guests loaded into a sprinter limo on the evening before the Atlanta Rev Up Tour event and headed for Johns Creek, Georgia. During dinner at Pampas Steakhouse, Enrique’s team members took turns sharing stories of how his unwavering support led to life-changing experiences in their own Kynect businesses:


Senior Director Blanca Caicedo

Senior Director Stephanie Caicedo

Senior Director Melinda Llanos Avila

Managing Directors Vicente and Nayda Maya

Managing Director Maria Angelica Montes

Managing Director Aurora Prieto

Regional Directors Joan Rossell and Daisy Azana

Lilly Farias


Members of the Home Team also showed up to honor Enrique: Founder Rob Snyder and Shab Kamoii, Vice President of Field Development Adrian Avila, Director of Field Development Bearj Jehanian, and Senior Manager of Recognition & Incentives Kimberly Girard.


Enrique thanked his team for all their efforts, expressing his gratitude for all they’ve done to help him achieve this goal. The next one he plans to check off is, of course, National Director. And if the past is any indication, he won’t let up until he gets it done.


When Enrique promoted to Executive Director, National Director Steve Fisher described him as a man of his word. “He walked right up to me at an event and told me his goals for promoting to Executive Director. He did exactly what he said he would! We couldn’t be more proud of his achievement.”

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