The Gomez Family Celebrates Their Achievement

May 12, 2021

It feels good to be back to celebrating our Executive Directors. And it was a pleasure to start again with the Executive Director Celebration Dinner in honor of Marcos Gomez and Glenys Soriano!

For Marcos and Glenys, their dedication to family and the people they love is always at the forefront of their business. This night was no different as they surrounded themselves with love, from their team members, family and friends, and Kynect corporate team.

“We are so happy,” said Marcos and Glenys. “We are so thankful to have received this recognition as Executive Directors and to have the opportunity to celebrate with those that helped us achieve this accomplishment!”   

After arriving in style in a limousine, Marcos and Glenys were treated to a fabulous dinner at Capital Grille in Houston, TX on Saturday, April 24, 2021. Accompanied by their daughter Genesis, our guests of honor were also joined by:

  • Blanca & Miguel Morales, National Directors
  • Marisol De Paz & Elmer Lopez, Executive Directors
  • Esther & Manuel Alvarado, Senior Directors
  • Rubia & Walter Mancia, Senior Directors
  • Gaspar Terraza Chavez & Glendia Gonzalez, Senior Directors
  • Nora Lopez & Mauricio Ortega, Managing Directors
  • Rob Snyder, Kynect Founder, with Shab Kamoii
  • Adrian Avila, Vice President of Field Development
  • Kimberly Girard, Senior Manager of Recognition & Incentives


This power group spent the evening sharing stories of their journeys with Kynect and showing their appreciation and support of one another. Of course, with such a successful group, the conversation also covered what everyone plans to achieve next with Kynect.


Marcos and Glenys will continue leading with one goal in mind: creating a better life for the people they love. “I want to build a work team based on love of family and friends. To help them achieve their dreams,” says Marcos.


This was a night to remember! Marcos and Glenys have changed their lives and are sure continue building on their success. “We have been able to give our children a lifestyle different from what we had with traditional jobs. We want to thank Kynect for the opportunity to succeed.”





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