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$99 Associate Enrollment Returns

June 01, 2021

The road to Kynection is getting shorter by the day! Do you plan to lead the charge coming out of the event, or will you be watching from the sidelines? So many great opportunities will come out of that weekend, and you deserve to benefit from every single one.


That’s why we’re ecstatic to announce the return of a field-favorite promotion to help you get positioned for Kynection success!


With the launch of Kynect Wireless and more exciting developments yet to be announced, now is the perfect time to grow your team and help them start strong.


1. Invite them to join you at Kynection to see what our culture is really all about!

2. Point them toward the Kynect System of Duplication so they can start learning our proven process and reach Regional Director as fast as possible.

3. Make sure they know about the new Associate training, held every Saturday morning.

English (9 a.m. CT)

Spanish (10 a.m. CT)

A nationwide service expansion and everything else to come calls for more boots on the ground! People all across this country are looking for a better way. It’s about time they learned who we are and how you can help!



Associate Promotions

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