How to Get Kynect Wireless at Rev Up Tour

April 25, 2021


We can’t wait to see everyone at the Rev Up Tour! As you know, we’re using this opportunity to drive excitement and belief toward Kynection in June. But the Rev Up Tour is also the official launch event for Kynect Wireless, a true nationwide service that opens up limitless possibility for your business. If you haven’t secured your place yet, now is the time!


Rev Up Tour


One of the perks of coming to Rev Up Tour: You can be among the first to activate your device on the new 4G/5G network!* If you want to experience what Kynect Wireless is all about, make sure you register and complete these steps before you come to the event. This is how you’ll ensure you can activate your service onsite and get a free Kynect Wireless SIM card and Swag Bag!

Register for Rev Up


How to Prepare for Kynect Wireless Activation


1. Make sure your device is compatible with Kynect Wireless. Go to to check.


2. Make sure your device is eligible (paid off) and unlocked.


·      iPhone (iOS 14 or later):

o   Go to Settings > General > About.

o   Scroll to the bottom. If you see “No SIM restrictions”, you’re good to go!

o   If you’re a Wireless Services (Sprint) customer and your device says “SIM Restrictions” or you aren’t sure if your device is unlocked, email to check and request an unlock. Be sure to include the phone number associated with your device.

·      iPhone (iOS 13 or earlier): Update to the newest iOS and follow the steps above.

·      Android:

o   Contact your carrier to ensure your device is unlocked.

o   If you’re a Wireless Services (Sprint) customer, email to check and request an unlock. Be sure to include the phone number associated with your device.

We won’t be able to unlock phones from other carriers, so please make sure you do this before you come! Otherwise, you may not be able to activate during the event.

Download Unlocking Guide



3. If you want to port your existing number to Kynect Wireless, bring this information with you:


·      Current carrier account number

·      Current carrier account PIN/porting PIN

·      Name on the current account

·      Address on the current account


Need a New Device?

We’ve partnered with 2 trusted retailers who can help you out. If you want or need a new device, give them a visit. Make sure you get a non-carrier specific device that’s unlocked and compatible with all networks.  


Shop with SellCell


Shop with Gazelle


Thank you so much for being part of this launch with us! Get registered, and take these steps before you show up to experience wireless service that’s Simple. Reliable. Kynected.




5G data speeds available on capable Android devices only. The iPhone 12 series is currently supported by the 4G LTE network with 5G access coming soon. Capable devices will use 4G LTE or 5G data, whichever is strongest in your area. Coverage not available in all areas. While 5G access doesn't require a special plan or feature, use of some services may require a certain plan or feature. Actual availability, speed, and coverage may vary.





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