April 23, 2021

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April 14, 2021

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The New York Reset Order Is in Effect

April 16, 2021

The New York Reset Order, adopted by the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) has officially gone into effect. If you’re building with Stream energy services in this state, you should know how it impacts each of your customers. Keep reading so you know what to expect!


Compliant Plan: Stream Green 50


The order required all retail energy companies in the market to change up their products to meet certain standards. Stream created Stream Green 50 in response to ensure you can continue growing your business in New York. It’s a variable-price, residential electricity plan that follows the incumbent utility’s pricing. There is an added monthly charge of $4.95* to help offset 50% in-state renewable energy. 


As of today, April 16, Stream Green 50 is the only offer available for new and existing customers in New York. Gas plans are no longer available.


What Happens to Customers?


Here’s how that impacts each group of customers:


Existing Fixed-Price Customers


  • Existing customers on a fixed-price electricity plan will keep their current plan until their term ends. Upon expiration, customers will continue to Stream Green 50 and will begin receiving the benefits of the product.
  • Existing customers on a fixed-price gas plan will keep their current plan until their term ends. Upon expiration, their service will continue on a variable month-to-month pricing plan.


Existing Variable-Price Customers

  • For both electricity and gas customers, their variable plan will continue as-is.  Customers on Cash Back plans will continue to receive the Cash Back benefit. They will not be returned to the incumbent.
  • Electricity customers can switch to Stream Green 50 at any time.
  • Existing variable gas customers won’t be able to convert to a different gas plan through Stream because there are no gas offers as of April 16.  


Stream for Business Customers

  • Some Stream for Business electricity and gas accounts are exempt from the Reset Order.
  • Customers should continue to follow the Request for Quote process. The Stream for Business Team will confirm if they’re exempt from the order.
  • If the customer is exempt, they’ll receive their quote per the normal process.
  • If they aren’t exempt, electricity customers will be offered a compliant green variable plan, similar to Stream Green 50. No gas offers will be available.


We encourage you to reach out to your eligible energy customers personally to encourage them to enroll in Stream Green 50! For more details on how to do that, make sure to check out the FAQ below.


See FAQs

*Monthly charge applicable in all utilities except NatGrid, where premium will be included in the price.




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