Congrats, New Executive Director Beverly Pirone!

April 14, 2021

“Baywatch” extra turned Top Leader in Kynect? Yes, it can happen to you! Beverly Pirone’s story doesn’t necessarily begin on the shores of Malibu (think closer to the Jersey Shore), but her journey has been just as fun to watch.


Before Kynect entered the picture in 2016, Beverly was a manager at a major retail store. Her husband, Carmine, owns his own plumbing business. She wasn’t actively searching for anything new at the time. She loved her coworkers and her family was thriving. But some days, the long hours and lack of appreciation for her hard work were tough to stomach.


Every now and then, a friend from church would post something on Facebook that piqued her interest. And when she found out what that crazy kid was up to, she joined on the spot.


The Go-Getter


That crazy kid was, of course, Executive Director Jeff Stier. He played organ at Beverly’s church and had been trying to get her to be his customer for 2 years. They met up at a diner, he pushed play on the BP, and that’s all it took.


Executive Directors Jeff Stier and Beverly Pirone


“I was inspired to join because of the simplicity. It just made sense!” she says. With 2 kids in college, the idea of extra income each month to help with those costly textbooks was enticing.


Beverly was quickly drawn in by the tightknit culture she found on her team and in Kynect as a whole. She figured out that daily consistency and enthusiasm, coupled with building strong relationships, would carry her far. So she started dreaming bigger than textbooks.


“Kynect has taught me I’m a go-getter! I’ve developed leadership skills, speaking skills, more patience. It’s drastically changed my life. I’m a better person,” she says.


Mercedes Deliveries in King of Prussia


She’s Going Places


After some begging from Jeff, Beverly attended her first event shortly after joining. She hasn’t missed once since, stressing the importance of staying plugged in to reach your goals. It keeps that fire burning.


Beverly’s fire burns especially hot, and she has the track record to prove it: Power of Leadership in 2018; Women of Power Rising Star in 2019. And a Lifestyle Achievement Bonus earner 3 years running.

“I earned the car I never had! I drive places I would never drive before because I had an old car and was afraid of it breaking down,” she says. Funny how life can change so much in just a few short years!


2019 Women of Power Retreat

“I could not be more excited and proud of Beverly! She’s been incredibly consistent and full of enthusiasm for Kynect from day one, which is why she’s been so successful,” says Jeff. “Beverly said to me early on, ‘I’m a lot of work, but I’ll be worth it in the end.’ I’ll say, without a shadow of doubt, that it’s definitely been worth it to watch her develop into a true woman of power, and I believe she’s just getting started. I’m shouting from the rooftops for you, Bev!”


In 2020, the average Associate was a Regional Director and their income was $305.47; the median of all our Associates’ income was $100 while their average income was $1,495.46. In comparison, Engaged Associates earned $2,276. To learn more about earnings and "average" versus "Engaged" Associates, please visit




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