April 23, 2021

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April 14, 2021

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The My Earnings Widget Is Getting Even Better

March 18, 2021

Great news, everyone! One of our favorite tools in Kynect Central just got a major upgrade. The My Earnings Widget will now give you a detailed view of your MEI and weekly bonuses as they relate to incentive qualifications and your progress toward Top Income Earner status.



This is a fantastic enhancement because it takes all the guesswork out of understanding your progress toward certain milestones. Now, you’ll know exactly where you are on the journey so you can plan, set goals and deadlines, and take meaningful action to get where you want to be!


Previous Year MEI

Know Your Eligibility & Qualification Requirements


If you’re a Senior Director or above or aspiring to become eligible for Kynect’s incredible incentives program, you can see your MEI total from the previous year to tell if you’re eligible for annual incentives. You can also use that data to determine your 2021 qualification requirements to earn incentives in 2022.


Year-to-Date Earnings

Track Your Incentive Progress


You can use the My Earnings Widget to track your year-to-date progress for all incentives you’re eligible for, like the Top Performers Trip and the MEI Bonus. Check out the “Weekly Bonus” portion of your income and use it to track against your earning requirements for the year.


Year-End MEI Total

Top Earner Status, President’s Club & Requalification


And finally, Executive Directors and above can use the enhanced widget to see a clear picture of their year-end MEI and weekly bonus totals. The amount of MEI and paid weekly bonuses you finish with each year determine your entry into the President’s Club and your position among the Top 50 Income Earners. Likewise, Senior Directors and above use that data to determine incentive qualification requirements to target in 2022 for requalification in 2023.


Visit Kynect Central today to see your new My Earnings Widget in action!

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