April 23, 2021

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April 14, 2021

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How to Create a Cycle of Success on Your Team

January 16, 2021

How about those Super Saturday promotions, Kynect?! Not only do new Associates get $100 off their enrollment, but you can earn a $500 bonus for helping them get to Managing Director as quickly as possible!


The biggest bang for your business comes when you can figure out how the foundation for these promotions—inviting new Associates, getting them started, helping them reach MD and beyond—can be repeated again and again, throughout your entire team, to create unstoppable momentum.


And we know just where you can start! Introducing a brand-new training series to help you establish a cycle of success:


The Kynect System of Duplication


Intro to the Kynect System of Duplication


Get Your Business Started



Plan of Action Checklist


Invite Others



Share the Business



Get a Positive Decision



Get Your New Associate Started





The Kynect System of Duplication with ASL Interpretation



Whether you just joined Kynect or need help establishing a duplicatable system for your existing team, these trainings will be invaluable as you start making moves in 2021. As you get ready to jump into the training, be sure to download the Plan of Action Checklist to stay on track with action items. 


Don’t skip this watch! And make sure your team members (especially the newest ones!) take time to watch them, too.


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