July 15, 2021

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Top Leaders

Congrats New Executive Directors Sonya & Jack Castella!

December 31, 2020

His star just keeps rising! Earlier this year, we were honored to recognize Jack Castella as The 2019 Rising Star. It’s an award given to Associates who are on a clear trajectory to something special. Someone whose work ethic and passion proves they have the chops to become a Top Leader.


Well, 2020 is shaping up to be a big year for the Castella family. In true Jack fashion, his non-stop energy has propelled himself and his wife, Sonya, to Executive Director!


Life Without Limits


Sometimes a good thing just isn’t great enough. Before Jack came to Kynect, he was putting in 60+ hours a week as a consultant for basement waterproofing. It was a grind, but the people were great. The income, combined with the recurring income he brought him from his gumball and candy vending machine business (they’re found all over Chicagoland and he’s been doing it for 24 years), paid his bills.


But flexibility? A future he could get excited about? Not so much.


“I was looking for a life of no limits, and choices with my time,” Jack says. He wanted to worry less about trading his hours for dollars so he and Sonya could focus more on their family.


The Castella Family


So when his friend, Executive Director Karen Rayo Santiago, asked him if he’d like to learn more about Kynect, he said…no! Twenty-five years of experience with network marketing told Jack this was a waste of his time.


But over the next 7 months, he watched Karen crush goals and achieve a level of success he couldn’t afford to ignore.

“I had to take a peek at what she was up to,” he says. Karen showed him what’s possible when you put in work and believe in yourself. And despite 25 years of lackluster experiences in the industry, he’s more excited about the next 5 years with Kynect than ever before.


Rebel with a Cause


Jack is sharing that excitement with as many people as possible, especially new Associates. According to him, the key to his success so far has been consistent daily activity, most of which involves working with his newest team members. With the right foundation to plug into, he knows they’ll go far.


Castella and Team


For him, Kynect culture is about helping anyone and everyone, without expecting anything in return. That’s the sort of kindness and support that made his rise to Executive Director possible, so he’s keen on paying it forward.


“I am passionate about doing the opposite of society, and showing others there’s a better way,” Jack says. “I like making an impact. I like helping others believe in themselves. It’s a TEAM atmosphere at Kynect!”


In 2017, the average Associate was a Director and their income was $178.07; the median of all our Associates’ income was $64.25. In comparison, engaged Associates earned $1,139. To learn more about earnings and "average" versus "engaged" Associates, please visitwekynect.com/incomedisclosure.




Top Leaders

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