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November 05, 2020

11/5 UPDATE: That was fast! The first course (both English and Spanish) filled up shortly after our announcement. We love the enthusiasm! If you missed this round, join the waitlist for the next one beginning in April 2021. Join here



As a Woman of Power, we know you have big dreams for 2021. And as a community, we are committed to helping you make them a reality! We’re excited to share the creation of the Women of Power Mentorship Program, offered in English and Spanish, which will allow you to personally work with and learn from some of Kynect’s most influential leaders.


The first 10-week course is set for January 4 – March 13, 2021. Sign up early and be ready to get to work!


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Heads up: We want this to be an intimate, personalized experience for everyone. For that reason, only 50 spots are available. If you miss this round, you can always sign up for the next quarter’s course, featuring a new set of mentors.

What to Expect

You’ll be added to a private Facebook group with your mentors and the other participants. Each mentor is curating unique training, activities, challenges and more they’ll share on a weekly basis to help you grow and stay motivated. Engage with your group every day, start a conversation, lift each other up. This is your space—work together to make it beautiful! 


Meet Your Mentors

These incredible women have stepped forward to offer their guidance, inspiration and motivation for our first course.




Executive Director Angie Kriner-Doorfee

2015 Women of Power Mentor Award Winner



Executive Director Rosanne Moreno

2017 Women of Power Mentor Award Winner



Executive Director Amy Nadell

2019 Women of Power Mentor Award Winner




National Director Blanca Morales



Senior Director Ángela Buenrostro



Senior Director Analilia Obregon


Training Topics

Week 1: Why women build differently

Week 2: Building your business around your life

Week 3: How to find good prospects

Week 4: How to grow using social media

Week 5: Handling objections

Week 6: Fortune is in the follow-up

Week 7: Getting out of your comfort zone

Week 8: How to partner with your spouse

Week 9: Building a team culture

Week 10: Celebrating success



Sign up today to be part of the first “graduating class” and see what happens when women empower women!


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Women of Power

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