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Where Do Unsponsored Truvvi Customers Go?

November 24, 2020

One of the coolest things about Truvvi™ is that getting a taste of the experience requires an invitation from someone already on the inside. Maybe you referred them, or maybe your customer referred them, or maybe your customer’s customer referred them—in any case, you get credit and compensated appropriately. But what happens when someone stumbles upon Truvvi on their own?


Rather than leave them on the outside looking in, we invite them to request an invitation to join. And even though they’re an unsponsored customer, we’re not taking credit for their enrollment. We’re giving it to you.


How It Works


We’ve developed a distribution process that ensures credit for all Truvvi customers finds its way to an Associate. It begins with a pool of all Managing Directors and above who are active and in good standing. From there, distribution is based on activity and proximity to the unsponsored customer. Check out the link below for a more detailed look at the process.


See Distribution Process


Truvvi Leads Process



As Truvvi spreads as far and wide as possible, it’s critical that we make sure Associates get credit for all the incredible work you do to take this app nationwide. Keep your teams up-to-date on this process, and make sure you continue to meet the requirements for distribution!



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