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October 09, 2020

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Truvvi Training: Claiming Customers as a New Associate

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One of our favorite things about Truvvi™ is that your customers can share the app with others and earn their own Referral Bonuses along the way, and those customers can share the app and earn, and on and on and on. However, we’ve come across a particular scenario often enough now that Director of Field Training Greg Savage is swooping in to save the day.


It’s this: Sometimes, you might share Truvvi with a customer who later decides to become an Associate. When that happens, can they get credit for their own Truvvi enrollment? And what about any referrals they may have completed before joining the business? Check out this training video for the answers.



The gist is that any Truvvi customer who’s thinking about becoming an Associate should hit the pause button on referring others to the app if they want to be compensated fully. As for their own Truvvi enrollment, they can submit a Customer Claim Request form through Kynect Central after they join the business to claim themselves as a customer.


And cool news on customer claim requests: Look for a new report called My Customer Claims in Kynect Central. You can check the status of all your requests to see if they’re pending, approved or denied (including the reason why). This is especially handy for Truvvi customers who become Associates. They’ll want to make sure their request to claim their own Truvvi account is approved before they start sharing Truvvi with others!




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