Are You TPV-ing Correctly?

November 02, 2020

First, a refresher: A third party verification (TPV) call is required for New York and Illinois energy customers completing a telephonic enrollment (the Illinois process was recently updated—get that info here.) It’s a regulatory requirement that helps protect your customer. So, “Are you TPV-ing correctly?” is kind of a trick question.


These calls should be conducted by customers only. Associates are never allowed to participate, even if you’re just sitting quietly on the line.


What About 3-Way Enrollment Calls?

You can still get on a 3-way call with Stream and your customer during the main enrollment process (as long as you don’t talk) and hang up before the TPV portion begins.


For this to work properly, always make sure your customer initiates the enrollment call to Stream. If you initiate it, the entire call disconnects when you hang up. Then you’re all back to square one.


Remember this to help make sure your customer has a great enrollment experience and gets their service started as quickly as possible!




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