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December 23, 2020

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KC Young, Inspiration Award Winner

October 21, 2020

Character. Poise. Leadership. Service. Just a few words to describe one of our 2019 Inspiration award winners. National Director KC Young’s story is one of personal adversity—but also of love and a passion for helping people. As she and her family face one of the most challenging periods of their lives together, one thing is certain: The light that so many of us see in KC is shining as bright as ever, and she continues to inspire on a daily basis. 


“She has been a rock for so many people,” says Executive Director Dr. Katrina King Flucas. “Talking to people, being of good counsel. Being that listening ear. I can hear her voice as she says, ‘I want to be powerful, not popular.’ This award speaks to who she is, deep at her core.”



For KC, it’s always been about caring for and shepherding others. She owned and operated a daycare, then retired to focus on serving as the Executive Pastor of her church. Later, she launched the Tidy Knotty Foundation to bring relief to homeless children and support women’s shelters in the Atlanta area. Over the years, the foundation’s provided thousands of backpacks full of school supplies, shoes, coats and other necessities to those in need.


All of that, while also building a Kynect business alongside her husband, Dr. Terry Young. In January 2018, the same week they were recognized as National Directors, the Youngs embarked on a new battle for their future. But KC is not deterred.


“I see this as life. It is something that has happened, it is a part of me. It’s people like you, family and friends, that give me the strength to fight in battles like this,” KC says. “Like I’ve said since day 1: This is certainly not about me. This is about whoever’s watching to see how she overcomes. As warriors, we continue to stand together. We continue to fight. We continue to love on each other. We continue to be a team. We continue to be Kynect.”


KC’s courage and spirit are unmatched, and we know she will continue to be a force within this community!







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