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Get Trained on Truvvi

September 12, 2020

With Truvvi™ officially added to our service lineup, it’s time to become an expert on our newest addition. We packed the TruKynection launch event with things you absolutely need to know: How to get it, how to use it, how to get paid, and how to sell it! Here are the big points to remember.


Sign Up Through Kynect Central


First and foremost: Truvvi is invite-only for customers, but all Associates sign up through a unique link in Kynect Central. Use your A# and the same email and phone number on file in Kynect Central to enroll and ensure your Truvvi account is linked to your business. 


Never accept an invitation to join from another Associate, and never invite another Associate to join. This can impact compensation, so don’t forget!

Go to Kynect Central

You need your own Truvvi account to enroll customers through your Homesite and the app, so get signed up ASAP!


Truvvi Tiers


As you’re sharing Truvvi, remember there are 2 “tiers” of the app experience:

  • The top tier is the Truvvi Insider membership. Customers at this level are paid members who have access to unpublished discount rates for hotels and rental cars.
  • Then we have the non-paid version. It includes cash back at hundreds of merchants and the ability to earn Referral Bonuses. We’ll call customers at this level “basic users.”

To grow your business and maximize your earning potential with Truvvi, focus on selling the membership. Remember: You earn Referral Bonuses once per customer, based on how they initially sign up. There’s more value for you if they go the membership route right out of the gate.


Refer & Earn 101


Anyone who uses Truvvi (including you!) can earn Referral Bonuses by inviting others to use the app. For a limited time, those Referral Bonuses are doubled.

  • Earn $10 (normally $5) when someone joins with a monthly Insider membership OR joins for free and spends $25 or more.
  • Earn $20 (normally $10) when someone joins with an annual Insider membership.

Truvvi Earnings from referrals are capped at $599 per calendar for customers. There’s no limit for Associates. Double Referral Bonuses end September 30, 2020 after 11:59 p.m. CT. Associates aren’t paid Referral Bonuses for their own enrollment.


Check out the Compensation Plan and the Referral Income Guide for more on earning with Truvvi as an Associate.


MEI, Customer Points & Statuses



How to Sell Truvvi


Let our Senior VP of Sales Ryan Morris give you a crash course in selling Truvvi, including how to approach customers and scripts for sharing the value of the app.



Truvvi Tools


To help you get a huge start with Truvvi, there several new tools and marketing materials available in Kynect Central for Kynect Pro subscribers, including:

  • Truvvi Sales Sheet
  • Truvvi Terms & Definitions Guide
  • Truvvi Prospecting List
  • Sharable Social Graphics

And don’t forget to share these new prospecting videos with your customers to show them what the Truvvi life is all about:


Link to share: https://youtu.be/0rDta9XpBKk


Link to share: https://youtu.be/-LvHkaRl9mQ





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