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How to Sign Up for Truvvi as an Associate

September 15, 2020

TruKynection was packed with new information—and in all the excitement, we know some of the finer details about getting started with Truvvi™ may have been lost. Don’t sweat it! This step-by-step guide will get you up and running with Truvvi so you can start using the app and referring customers. Side note: Inactive Associates are now able to sign up using this process also!


For the best enrollment experience as an Associate, we suggest using Google Chrome on a desktop computer or laptop.



Step 1:

As an Associate, it’s best to complete the entire enrollment experience from a web browser on your desktop computer or laptop before you even open the mobile app. There are 2 ways to get started:

Either way, you’ll end up on this page:



Special Note: 
When we say “back office,” we always mean Kynect Central—not your Homesite! Your self-enrollment must be completed through Kynect Central. When you’re ready to start enrolling Truvvi customers, the best way to accomplish this is by clicking the ‘Refer’ button within the Truvvi app.


Step 2:

Enter your A# and the email address and phone number found in your Kynect Central profile.

Note: This is required to link your Truvvi account to your Associate profile.


Click “Continue”.


Step 3:

Click “Join Truvvi”.


Step 4:

Select your sign in method. Due to different browser technologies, choosing “email” as your sign in method may not work. We recommend signing in with Google or your Apple ID.



Step 5:

If you chose to sign in with Google or your Apple ID, enter your contact information. This doesn’t have to match your Associate profile information. Click “Send Code” to have a verification code sent to your phone.


Step 6:

Enter the code you received and click “Verify Code”.  If the code doesn’t work, be sure to scroll up to see if you’ve received an error message.


Step 7:

Choose whether to opt in to push notifications, marketing emails and marketing texts and click “Complete Registration”.


Step 8:

You’re in! Now it’s time to add a payment method and become a Truvvi Insider.


Step 9:

Go to your Truvvi Wallet and click “Add Card” to add the card you’ll use to make your cash back purchases and to upgrade to the Insider membership. (Make sure to click “Save” before you leave this page!).


Step 10:

Next, click “Membership” in the nav menu, or on the orange banner that says “Start Saving on Travel”.


Step 11:

Enter your personal information, choose either the annual or monthly Insider option, and enter your payment information. Before you continue, double check that your membership choice is still correct. It may default back to monthly even if you chose the annual membership.


Congratulations! You’re all set up with your Insider membership.


Now download the Truvvi app, login and make your first purchase!


Bonus Tip: Making Changes to Your Membership


If you need to change your Insider membership option from monthly to annual or vice versa, log in to Truvvi from a browser (not the app just yet) and select Membership from menu on the left. From here, you can cancel your membership and get signed up for the correct one. We’ll refund your initial membership purchase to the payment method you used.




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