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October 09, 2020

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Why We’re Crushing the Stream for Business Game

September 30, 2020

Back in February, our energy partner enhanced the commercial experience in Texas. Renamed Stream for Business, the process was simplified to improve the customer experience and create more opportunity for you.


Well, around 7 months in, you guys are clearly and unequivocally crushing it. Goals have been met and surpassed. Records have been shattered. Two very large accounts came in over the last couple of months, one courtesy of Executive Director Joanna Laxton from Waco. The other, one of the largest in Stream’s entire history, was brought in by Regional Directors Lauren and Mariah Escobar from Houston.


“Congratulations to Joanna on signing a large Stream for Business account in Texas including 7 meters and 400,000 kWh in annual usage. With the contributions of many Kynect Associates, like Joanna, business sales in Texas increased 40% in the last six months. This is a great example of how Stream and Kynect are working together to grow our partnership.” – Stream Vice President and General Manager Mark Parsons


All of this growth and progress, and yet…the possibilities are still endless. Are you ready to jump into the Stream for Business game and carve out your own legacy? Keep reading to take a page from Joanna’s book and find out how to make it happen!


Success in the Wild, Wild West


Way out in west Texas, near Big Bend, Joanna focuses on an area that’s remote, but “switchable,” she says—if you’re willing to travel 3 hours across a desert to get there. She calls it the “wild, wild West,” but it seems as though she’s figured out the secret to taming it.


She’s assembled what she calls her Field of Dreams (“if you build it, they will come”), including Managing Director Twila Hardaway and Regional Director Kimra Rogers. They’re sisters, born and raised in the area, whose professional careers have given them some influence within the community. Joanna’s relationship with them—plus all the relationships she’s been building over the last 2 and a half years—have set the stage for amazing opportunity.



“You have to spend the time to get to know the people and build that relationship,” Joanna explains. “Reach an individual who has roots or influence in the area. They’ll tell you where you need to go, or put in a good word for you.”


Your Turn


Are you ready to break the next record? Watch the video below or hop over to Kynect Central for everything you need to get started, including these tools! 

  • Why Stream for Your Business (prospecting flyer)
  • Stream for Business Customer Enrollment Guide
  • Stream for Business Customer Discovery Worksheet
  • New Ways to Power Businesses in Texas (training flyer)
  • Prospecting social graphics

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