Celebrate New EDs Cassandra & David Hayden!

September 17, 2020

Back in 2007, David Hayden got his first glimpse of the Kynect opportunity, ultimately deciding it wasn’t the right time. But just a year later, the Great Recession hit. Suddenly, David and his wife Cassandra found themselves struggling to stay afloat. The family’s finances took a major blow when David, an IT consultant, had no contracts for the entire year.


Then, in 2010, the couple saw the full Business Presentation for the first time. David figured Cassandra would need to be convinced, but…


“Her first response was ‘It’s energy. Everyone uses it. Let’s do this.’ We immediately knew this was the opportunity we had been looking for. We joined the next day,” he said.


Now, we’re beyond proud to announce that the Haydens are our newest Executive Directors!


Something Different


Cassandra and David gravitated to Kynect because, according to them, the business model is a “game changer.” They liked the idea of potentially helping others save on a utility bill—and earning recurring income on that bill. The Haydens had previous experience with product-focused network marketing companies, so Kynect’s services were a breath of fresh air.


Initially, they started their business to make a little extra money each month to stay ahead of things. But in 2014, they became the first and only Managing Director couple to earn a spot on the Top Performers Trip by way of a business-building contest. From there, the awards and incentives continued to pour in.



“It has been one heck of a ride,” David says. “Our first corporate event was in 2011, and we have never missed an event since. Our business grows after each one and we cannot wait for the next.”


Besides the energy of events fueling their success, David says they find it advantageous to have been in the same position as many of their customers: Looking for an energy provider they can rely on. It puts the Haydens’ customer service skills over the top to be able to relate to customers and make their satisfaction the main focus.  


Blazing the Path


Over the years, the Haydens say they’ve met lifelong friends, helped many customers along the way, and introduced their friends and family to the possibility of a new life with Kynect.


“It means the world to me to set a path for others to follow and spend time with them as we all celebrate our success,” David explains. “I enjoy seeing others win.”


The couple credits their leadership success to setting goals and staying focused on their plans. Knowing someone has your back is a huge help too. They say Kynect’s culture is all about teamwork and the comfort that comes with knowing you’re not on this journey alone.


“Everyone starts at the same place: The decision to join,” David says. “After that, you are part of a team. Get connected, stay plugged in. You can if you think you can.”



As for what’s next for the Haydens? “We’re expanding our business into ALL 50 states!” If past performance is any indicator, their circle of friends and partners know this goal is in the bag.


“David and Cassandra’s commitment to helping people is unparalleled and they have been top performers for quite some time,” say Executive Directors Carrie and Robert Paster. “As a goal-focused couple, they earned a spot on the Top Performer’s Trip to Aruba and that let us know that whatever goal they set, they will achieve! They always avail themselves to support others, regardless of team. They are true champions! We truly love them and have developed a life-long friendship through this business.”

Income Disclosure: In 2017 the average Associate was a Director and their income was $178.07; the median of all our Associates’ income was $64.25. In comparison, engaged Associates earned $1,139. To learn more about earnings and “average” versus “engaged” Associates, visit




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