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Meet Our Award Winners

September 12, 2020

When it became clear it wouldn’t be possible to hold our biggest event of the year in 2020, we knew right away that one of the things we’d miss most was presenting some of our most prestigious awards to deserving Associates. So…we decided to do it anyway!


Instead of inviting these leaders to come to Fort Worth to walk across the stage, we brought the stage to them. We proudly present our Kynection award winners!


Rising Stars


New to the business but on a clear trajectory to success, our Rising Stars have taken huge steps toward reaching their goals by promoting to Senior Director at lightning speed. These future Top Leaders hit the ground running by being coachable and determined to make their dreams a reality, and they show no signs of slowing down now!


The Rising Star

Senior Director Jack Castella



Rising Stars

Executive Directors Elizabeth Wilson & Darrell Watkins

Atlanta, GA

Senior Directors Naomi & Danny Arbel
Katy, TX

Senior Director Abner Jesus Camarillo Sanchez
Baytown, TX

Senior Directors Alejandrina Dominguez & Armando Coronel
Chicago, IL

Senior Directors Latashia Edmond & Regis Brown
Forest Park, GA

Senior Directors Jeana & Brett Einhaus
Burkburnett, TX
Senior Director Vilma Garcia
Baytown, TX

Senior Directors Stella & James Gussman
Sugar Grove, IL

Senior Directors Elizabeth & Sergio Guzman
Arlington, TX

Senior Directors Kirstin & Sonny James
Cincinnati, OH

Senior Directors Dr. Joy & Doug Lewis
Dublin, OH

Senior Director Fred Luthy
Basking Ridge, NJ

Senior Director Rubia Mancia
Houston, TX
Senior Directors Eva & William Palacios
Stockton, CA

Senior Director Shirlee Peretz
Richboro, PA

Senior Director Janeve Pierce
Chillicothe, OH
Senior Director Bessy Rodas
Waukegan, IL

Senior Director Aurora Tellez Montiel
Crosby, TX

Senior Director Robert Vanwie
Hamburg, NY


Power of Leadership Award


Our business wouldn’t be possible without dedicated leaders blazing a path for the entire Kynect community. This award is given to Senior Directors or above who don’t hesitate to embrace their role as an example to the rest of the field by pouring themselves into the success of others and staying engaged with Kynect every single day.


Executive Directors Sandra Cuellar & Tacho Rocha
Mission, TX

Executive Directors Marisol De Paz & Elmer Lopez
Houston, TX

Executive Directors Marcos Gomez & Glenys Soriano
Houston, TX

Executive Director Minerva Lopez
Conyers, GA

Executive Director Guy Pryor
Lakeside City, TX

Executive Director Cedrick Rembert
Alpharetta, GA


Senior Director Kari Allen
Reading, PA

Senior Director Krissy Cressler
Walnut Bottom, PA

Senior Director Alona Epps-Collins
Peachtree City, GA

Senior Director Dick Exley
Belvidere, NJ

Senior Directors Ruby & Anthony Gonzalez
Long Valley, NJ

Senior Director Christian Gosseaux
Havertown, PA

Senior Director Mercedes Guevara
Lawrenceville, GA

Senior Directors Leeanna & David Jackson
Atlanta, GA

Senior Directors Marlene Kattaron
Acworth, GA

Senior Directors Leticia & James Lotko
Volo, IL

Senior Director Brad Modrich
Allentown, PA

Senior Director Luz Molano
Houston, TX

Senior Directors Lori & Frank Morello
Sewell, NJ

Senior Director Audrey Perez
Reading, PA

Senior Director Onofre Rogel
Waukegan, IL

Senior Director Gustavo Rojo-Buendia
Laredo, TX 

Senior Director Kimberly Stephens
Lancaster, PA

Senior Director Jim Velio
Upper Arlington, OH

Senior Director Floyd Walker
Cincinnati, OH

Senior Directors Diane & Dwight Whitehead
Magnolia, TX


Kynect Assist Award:
Presidential Directors Danene & Mike Foti



Assist Award recipients have a deep, burning desire to see others succeed, and the Fotis are no exception. They are a constant source of inspiration to those around them and are always willing to help, often without fanfare or public recognition. Their selflessness and leadership perfectly embody the culture Kynect thrives on. 


Spirit of Kynect Award:
Presidential Directors Felicia & Winchel Elibert



Everywhere they go, the Eliberts spread positivity and hope. They’ve demonstrated proven leadership skills, a knack for creating a winning team culture, and never tire of lifting others up. Their energy and winning attitude are infectious, and they believe wholeheartedly in Kynect’s mission to change as many lives as possible. T.O.A.!


Inspiration Award


Our stories shape who we are, and our experiences color the way we treat others. These leaders’ profound stories have inspired others in our community to action. Whether through overcoming a life-long challenge or demonstrating hope in the face of adversity, the recipients remind us that anything is possible with the right attitude and an unending love for serving others.


National Director KC Young



Executive Director Michael J. Lerman



Women of Power Mentor Award:
Executive Director Amy Nadell



Leadership. Determination. Motivation. Action. Amy embodies all that and more. She is dedicated to the success of those around her, helping them build confidence and new skills that will carry them far. She is a mentor, a servant leader and, most importantly, a true Woman of Power.






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