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October 09, 2020

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Meet the Assist Award Winners: The Fotis

September 30, 2020

“Be more. Do more. Give more.” Danene and Mike Foti live by the motto day in and day out, and it guides every action they take in support of their business—and in support of others. It’s the bedrock of their mission to help people dream again, using their own resources and talent to help bring those dreams to fruition.


And it’s why the Fotis are the 2019 winners of the Kynect Assist award.


Danene and Mike say their leadership style is rooted in being hands-on and personal. As soon as someone new joins the team, the Fotis are there with a simple, step-by-step game plan for getting qualified, triggering a leadership bonus and on their way to the next rank. They help the team stay accountable with daily/weekly calls and texts to check on progress. And when those goals are met? The couple shouts it from the rooftops.


“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” the Fotis explain. That’s why recognition is a key part of their leadership approach, and it’s why they make sure every person on their team knows Danene and Mike aren’t just invested in their professional success. They’re invested in their personal well-being, too.



“Over time, I’ve gotten to know them very deeply and personally and see how large their hearts are for others,” says Executive Director Mark Feinman


They sum up their daily activities like this: Encourage, encourage, encourage. From that very first milestone of enrolling their first customer or Associate to promoting up the ranks, you can bet the Fotis will have others lining up to heap praise on someone who’s willing to do the work.


“We live in a world of negativity and discouragement—people need the opposite,” the Fotis say. So they strive to be “the positive, encouraging force that reproduces life-changing activities.”


Ultimately, that’s what Danene and Mike are after: Seeing their team provide better lives for their families, and paying it forward. The feeling can’t be beat.


“Seeing changed lives is confirmation that what we are doing with our business is the right thing.”



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