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4 Ways to Prep for Truvvi

August 20, 2020

It won’t be long before we’re all livin’ the Truvvi™ life. Is your business ready? Before a new service launches, it’s always a good idea to position yourself for growth early so you’re ready to step on the gas on day one. Here are some tips to help you prep!


1. Register & Watch


It all starts September 12 at 9 a.m. CT during our live online launch event, TruKynection. Make sure you and your teams are registered and watch live for training, app demos, huge promotions, recognition, and some truly jaw-dropping giveaways.


2. Follow Truvvi


Next, follow Truvvi on social. It’s the place to be for updates and feel-good content you can share on your own page to promote the app.  


Facebook: Truvvi

Instagram: @truvviofficial

Twitter: @truvviofficial


3. Brush Up on the Lingo


Truvvi’s going to introduce some very important words to your everyday vocab. Familiarize yourself with it now so you’ll be a pro when it’s time to share with prospects.


Insider Membership: A monthly or annual membership that unlocks hotel savings and unpublished rates on car rentals, plus cash back on everyday purchases.


Cash Back: What a user earns when they shop at one of hundreds of merchants through the app. It goes in their Truvvi Wallet and can be cashed out, used to pay for a Truvvi Insider Membership, or to pay for travel goodies. Everyone earns cash back, no membership required!


Invite-only: When Truvvi launches, all non-IAs need a referral link from an Associate or existing Truvvi user to join. As an Associate, you’re the exception to this rule. You’ll do self-sign up to get started. Don’t sign up under another Associate or things will get out of whack! We’ll have instructions on how to do this soon, so stay tuned.


Truvvi Earnings: A user’s cash back earnings + any earnings they’ve made from referring Truvvi to friends and family.


Truvvi Value: The combined total of a user’s Truvvi Earnings + the total amount they’ve saved booking hotels with Truvvi. It’s an excellent, at-a-glance way to track how much value you’re getting out the app.  


Referral: Someone you’ve shared Truvvi with. Their names and statuses are tracked right in the app so you know when they’ve earned you a payday.


Member-to-Member Referral: When a non-Associate Truvvi member invites another non-Associate to join Truvvi. You’ll see this term in the Compensation Plan because you can get paid when your referrals get others to join!


4. Make a List


Never too early to work on your list! Start thinking about who you’re going to share Truvvi with, using this slick prospecting list as a guide.







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