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The rate for the Business Flex Intro plan for Small Business customers in Texas has been significantly decreased. Expand

October 09, 2020

This month, SUCCESS on Demand focuses how readjusting your attitude toward change can bring incredible reward. Expand


New Energy Tools: Prospecting Tools & Compliance Guide

October 02, 2020

Stream’s back with more tools to help you build your energy business! This time, they’ve created prospecting tools to help your customer find the perfect plan and a flyer you can share with prospects, as well as a guide to calling Stream Customer Support with a customer.


Energy Calculation Worksheet


More often than not, the first question a prospective customer has is, “Will switching to Stream save me money?” Before you answer that by comparing their bill to available plans, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. The rate doesn’t always tell the whole story! Use this worksheet to walk your customer through their energy costs to see which Stream plan is a good fit.



Also available in Kynect Central here: Tools > My Documents > Training > Stream Energy Services


Referral Marketing Flyer


Some prospective customers may not be aware they can pick their energy provider. Share this flyer to show them they have the power to choose, and that Stream is a trusted provider they can count on.



Also available in Kynect Central here: Tools > My Documents > Prospecting > Sales Tools


Do’s and Don’ts of Calling Stream with Customers


As you know, Associates are never allowed to call Stream on behalf of a customer. But you can join the call if the customer is comfortable with it or invites you. In that situation, there are important rules to keep in mind to protect your customer and ensure you’re compliant with Stream’s policies. This guide will teach you how to approach the situation for a great experience all around.



Also available in Kynect Central here: Tools > My Documents > Training > Stream Energy Services



Previously Added Energy Tools



Stream Customer Enrollment Guides

One key to creating a great experience for your energy customers is seamless enrollment. While you can’t enroll for them, you can certainly guide them through the process to make sure it goes smoothly. So it’s best to be prepared!


To help, Stream put together detailed, step-by-step walkthroughs of the residential energy online enrollment process for every market, complete with visuals of everything your customers will see. These are available for download here and in Kynect Central under My Documents > Training > Energy Services and My Documents > Training > Get Started.

Download Texas Guide

Download Georgia Guide

Download Northeast & Midwest Guide



Stream for Business Customer Discovery Worksheet

Stream for Business customers come in many shapes and sizes, so where do you start? Use this worksheet to help identify your Stream for Business prospects so you know how to proceed.



Customer Appreciation & Team Recognition Social Media Graphics

Use these graphics to thank a new customer or congratulate a team member for being an energy rockstar.




Summer Heat Social Media Graphics

New sharable graphics are now available to help you pique a prospect’s interest in switching this summer.

Find them in the Kynect Share app and Kynect Central (My Documents > Prospecting > Social Media Graphics > Energy [General])



New networking and sales tool coming in hot! Stream created this simple overview of their services that does a great job of showcasing the value of doing business with a trusted provider. Share it with your prospective customers to show them how Stream can be a perfect fit for their energy needs—and how easy it is to switch!


Download it here or in Kynect Central (Tools > My Documents > Prospecting > Sales Tools)



Stream Social Media Guide (Training)

As you market energy online, use this guide make sure you’re equipped to protect your business and the Stream brand you helped build. Get it here.


Compliant Social Media Captions for Marketing Stream (Training)

FTC and regulatory requirements can be tricky to navigate, so let this tool guide you as you share Stream on social. Get it here


Or find them in Kynect Central: My Documents > Training > Stream Energy Services



Deposit Waiver Reference Guides (Training)

These guides break down who’s eligible to have their deposit waived and all the documentation they need to provide. Get the Texas version here and the Georgia version here.


Or find it in Kynect Central: My Documents > Training > Stream Energy Services





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