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November 10, 2020

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Help Your Customers Beat Summer Bill Shock

July 02, 2020

There’s a phenomenon that happens every year once the sun starts spending longer stretches of time in the sky. The unsuspecting customer opens their inbox. They click on their usage email and all of a sudden, they find themselves short of breath.


They get a sudden case of …


Bill shock.

Summer is thankfully around the corner, but with the rising temperatures often comes rising energy costs. And while most customers understand that with the heat comes increased electric bills, some might still experience this dreaded summer bill shock when they realize just how much electricity they managed to use throughout the month.


But you can prevent bill shock, retain current customers and better serve prospective and renewing customers by helping them proactively fend off high energy bills this summer.


Empower Them to Control Their Energy Usage


Be the energy expert you are. Remind your customers to take action that will help them save on their energy usage. Remind them to set their A/C system to away when they aren’t home, change their air filters or simply share the flyer below to give them even more handy tips.



Stay Connected and Offer Next-level Service  


With your current and renewing customers, stay ahead of bill shock by reaching out now, just as the temperatures are starting to rise. When working with prospective customers, share helpful tips (like the flyer above!) to help them know you’re on their side when it comes to keeping their energy costs low.


Check out mystream.com/blog for more energy saving tips and tools to share with your customers!





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