January 11, 2020

Super Saturday kicks off in 1 hour. If you can’t make it, remember we’re streaming the Dallas event live so you don’t miss out. Expand

January 11, 2020

We can’t wait to see you at Super Saturday today! Check out these pro tips ahead of the event. Expand

January 09, 2020

Just announced: Simple & Secure 36 is back in Texas! Check the Rates page for new pricing and details. Expand

January 04, 2020

Just 1 week left until Super Saturday. Are you registered? Is your team ready to go? Expand

January 03, 2020

Meet our newest ED Faith Ware! Expand

January 01, 2020

Our updated Policies & Procedures are now in effect. Expand

December 30, 2019

We’ll have a few early and total closures in the upcoming days. Here’s what to expect. Expand

December 30, 2019

Need to visit the Wireless Store? Learn how to book an appointment! Expand

Super Saturday

Everything You Missed (Or Didn’t) at Super Saturday

January 11, 2020

Watch out, 2020. Kynect Associates are fired up about the year ahead and it’s looking like nothing’s going to stand between them and their goals. Hardly a surprise; just look at what we shared at Super Saturday!

Huge Promotions

Kickstart your business with…*drum roll* quadruple TCB 4, continued shortened rank advancement paths, hefty growth incentives and amazing rank advancement bonuses.


See the Promotions

Kynection 2020 Theme Revealed


Hint: It’s all about energizing your business at every single level. Are you registered?

Reveal the Theme

A Busy Year Ahead

Time to save some dates. The full 2020 event calendar is here so you can map out your year and set some milestone goals. Plus…have you heard where we’re headed for Kynect Getaway? Cancun!

Get the Calendar

Almost Time to Meet Truvvi

The next big thing from Kynect isn’t far off now! You and your team can sign up for Truvvi news and offers.

Get Alerts

Incentive Program Updates

It’s getting a sizeable overhaul, so get caught up if you want to qualify for 2021 incentives.

What’s New?

0% Financing for Everyone

Yep! Customers can get 4-month financing on their next phone, up to $500.


Full Details

Texas Energy Updates

Stream is making some enhancements to the Texas energy enrollment experience. Check them out!

See the Changes

We’ll Fund Your Volunteer Day

Giving back can sometimes come with unexpected expenses. Find out how the Kynect Foundation plans to help Associates serve their community without worrying about financial barriers.

Learn More


And finally, we did a whole lot of celebrating. We recognized 2 new Executive Directors, Alicia Harrington and Faith Ware, the entire 300 Club and our first ever Kynect 100.

Meet the 300 Club

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