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How to Run After Super Saturday Part I: Set the Table

January 13, 2020

Part I: Set the Table


The Plan

When I was a high school band director, I always gave my students (and sometimes their parents) tasks in a checklist format. I think it’s easier to see and much easier to follow. For the most part, these can be done in any order, unless it says *do this first!

  1. Review all the Super Saturday announcements.
  2. Sign up for Truvvi updates and have your team do the same thing.
  3. Schedule a team huddle to the strategize your success.*
    • Have everyone bring food to share or order pizza. People bond over food, so make sure you work this into each huddle you have with your team.
    • Go over promotions.
      1. Make sure everyone understands the promotions.
      2. Have your best numbers person present how to use the promotions to achieve goals.
    • Set personal and team goals.
    • Pair people together for accountability.
    • Schedule your next team huddle.

*If you don’t have a large team or your upline isn’t around, make some friends and ask if you can participate in their team huddle. As our Kynection keynote speaker Shawn Achor teaches, obstacles seem much easier to conquer when you tackle them with at least one other person. So, I guess my favorite quote, “A rising tide lifts all ships,” is true!

Action Steps

  1. Figure out exactly what your goal is for the next 60 days (that will take you close to Kynection).
  2. Set a reasonable goal, a stretch goal, and a super-stretch goal.
  3. Set your sights on your super-stretch goal. As Les Brown says, “It’s better to aim for the stars and hit the moon, than to aim at the ground and hit it!”
  4. Connect with your accountability partner and share your goals with each other. Look for more on being a great accountability partner in Part IV, coming soon.
  5. Have a sense of urgency. The sooner you get your prospects to make a decision to join, the more time they have to take part in the promotion!

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