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How to Run After Super Saturday Part V: Promote Events

January 22, 2020

If you haven’t yet read Parts I through IV, do that now. ‘Nuff said!

Way back in 1986, without even trying, I got my first mentor. I was a brand-new high school band director. I had the honor and great fortune of working side by side with the former band director, Larry, for a year. That time proved to be invaluable. Among the many things I learned from Larry was that to be successful, I had to be all in.

In Kynect, being all in doesn’t necessarily mean you must live, eat, and breathe Kynect. But it does mean there are some non-negotiables if you want to build a strong and thriving team.

In Kynect, that means attending events.

You already know events are how you keep your team engaged, learning and connected to our culture. If you get your team to events, your team is more likely to grow. So, let’s just get straight to it!

These are our main events:

  • Monthly All-City Events
  • Kynect University/MD Experience
  • Super Saturday
  • Kynection
  • Special training events

Before I get into how to promote events, it is important you don’t conflate promoting with announcing. Anyone can announce an event. That’s not difficult to do. You simply tell people about it or mention it occasionally. Perhaps put up a Facebook header on your group page. For the most part, announcing events is a passive activity. You are relying on someone else to act.

Promoting events is a totally different animal. Promoting is all about taking an active role in attracting your team to attend events.

Disclaimer: If you are new, have a small team, or you are starting over, your goal is for you to attend all events. Your next goal would be to have more people at the next event.

If you want to promote events like a leader…

  1. Have a team leader huddle. This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned having a team huddle. Are you sensing that it’s important? Even a team huddle can be considered an event!
    1. You want to promote events as a team.
    2. Come up with a strategy as a team.
    3. For bigger teams, this would be for Senior Directors and above. For smaller teams, I would include those who are actively engaged and producing.
    4. Make the event fun. Order pizza and maybe have an activity afterward. Bowling anyone?
  2. Set a team goal for how many you want to attend each event.
  3. Have each person set a personal goal for how many people they will have attend each event.
  4. Set check-in dates to keep everyone on track and measure your progress.
  5. Understand the 4 reasons people attend events:
    1. To get recognized on stage.
    2. To learn from the event-only trainings.
    3. To experience the culture of the company.
    4. To have fun!
  6. Everyone has a different reason or reasons for attending. It’s your job to know your team members well enough to be able to speak to what they want.
  7. Promotes the benefits, not the features, of the event.
    1. Features are like the list of ingredients in a cake. The ingredients are boring and no one eats cake because it contains a teaspoon of vanilla instead of 1/8 of a teaspoon.
    2. Benefits are how the cake makes you feel while you eat it and after you eat it. Benefits are about the endorphin rush you get to your brain that tells you, “Chocolate good! Eat more!”
  8. The benefits of attending events:
    1. You get to be around like-minded people who make you feel great about building your business.
    2. You get to hear about news and events first-hand and be a part of the exclusive group who was there when it happened.
    3. You get one-on-one time with top earners who may share tips and tricks that could help you achieve your goals.
    4. You get to put faces to names with the corporate staff and build relationships with them, ask questions, and learn the ins and outs of the company leadership.
    5. You get the opportunity to meet leaders and top earners from other markets and states, ask for advice, find out what works for them, and learn how to use their best practices to build you own business.
    6. You will learn things at event-only trainings that you cannot learn if you don’t attend.
    7. You get to hear from the best of the best in the company from all over the country.

Action Steps

  1. Activate your leaders by arranging a team huddle and include your leaders in designing your strategy.
  2. Start a challenge or have a contest that’s fun for your entire team to be a part of.
  3. Call (don’t text) when you invite.Yes, texting is easier and faster, but texts are easy to ignore. Especially if it’s a group text. Phone calls are far more personal and effective.
  4. Learn how to promote the benefits and not the features. A remote control is a feature. The fact that you can adjust the volume and turn your TV on and off without getting up off your sofa is a benefit.
  5. Learn how to invite your team members to events based on their reason for attending. To do this, you will need to spend time with them and learn what drives their behavior.

Events are one of the most powerful tools you have to build your business. If you can master how to promote events to your team and learn how to promote the benefits, rather than the features, you experience a lot more success. But most of all, remember to make everything fun!

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