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Women of Power

Women of Power: A Year in Review

December 16, 2019

Over the last year, we’ve watched in awe as Women of Power across the country stepped up and into their roles as leaders within their communities. The culture and empowerment you created and fostered in 2019, especially through Home Socials…whew. You brought it.

Here’s a recap of how some of our ladies ran the world this year.

You Turned Up in Texas

Presidential Director Willa Gipson and Senior Director Cherisse Dukes hosted socials that overflowed with positivity and opportunities for growth.

"Social events bring us together from all walks of life. It allows you to see things through another woman's eyes,” said Senior Director Dee Dee Yorek. “To train and be inspired by leaders, such as the speaker we had, Tina Slinker, her view on life and success as a woman…it all made for a fantastic event!”

Celebrating “Me” and “We” in Georgia

Executive Director Dr. Katrina Flucas is passionate about Home Socials, especially how powerful they can be for new women starting their Kynect journey.

“Many women starting their businesses are seeking more than financial freedom,” she explained. “The guests that attend love the camaraderie and they join Kynect on the strength of the fellowship.”

Katrina and her co-host, Senior Director Nora Brinson, make sure their socials leave an impression: “At the beginning of one meeting, each lady was given a jar with 10 marbles. Throughout the event they gave a marble if someone said or did something that resonated with them. It was powerful. Lots of tears and hugs.”

Raising the Bar in Chicago

National Director Blanca Morales took the Women of Power movement to Chicago, Illinois in the hopes of helping women there believe in themselves.

“These events help us to create committed leaders who are able to change the way they see their futures and recognize there are more women out there who need to be supported and recognized,” Blanca said.

 “Women of Power has helped me believe more in myself and what I can achieve as a mother, wife and leader. I have discovered that when a woman decides to change the world, she will make a difference. The satisfaction of seeing women trust themselves is priceless.”

Connecting for Good in the Northeast

Up north, Executive Director Amy Nadell and her crew celebrated the joys of connection and giving back.

 “Success in Kynect is about building culture and having fun. Women of Power socials enable women to come together to connect and relax and get to know one another. If Associates are happy, they will stay engaged!” she said. “I loved when we made jewelry to donate to veteran women on Veterans Day. We had so much fun creating our pieces and knowing it would bring joy to women who are fighting for our freedom to be able to do Kynect in the first place.”

Women of Power, you’re a force to be reckoned with. See you in 2020 for another incredible year!

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