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December 23, 2020

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Kynect Getaway

A Look Back at Kynect Getaway

November 29, 2019

Living in the past isn’t really our thing, but y’all…some things are hard to let go! We’re still flying high from the first ever Kynect Getaway at the breathtaking Atelier resort in Playa Mujeres, Cancun, where over 350 hard-working Associates enjoyed some much-deserved VIP treatment.

Rooftop Welcome

CSO Steve Fisher kicked things off with a special welcome reception on a gorgeous rooftop terrace. Associates spent the night mixing, mingling and getting used to the royal treatment. Spoiler alert: It didn’t take long!


Everything Under the Sun

Beach volleyball, oceanside naps in luxurious hammocks, swimming, water swings and even parasailing are just some of the incredible experiences Associates had at their disposal right on the resort property.

A few brave souls—including Rob!—provided some nighttime entertainment by showing off their karaoke chops.

Leading the Way

We took a break from the fun (not for long, don’t worry!) for an important leadership meeting and training session. Top Leaders shared tips for the next generation of Executive and National Directors and the President’s Club received their 2019 rings and pendants.

Until Next Time…

Kynect Getaway ended with a farewell Dia de los Muertos party, complete with a delicious buffet of Mexican fare. 

Parting Thoughts

“This was our very first Kynect Getaway, and first I wanted to say thank you to Kynect for making the experience incredible. We left this incredible experience with memories that will last a lifetime and feeling more connected than ever to our amazing Kynect Family.” – Senior Directors Anthony & Ruby Gonzalez

“My husband, Chris, has always been skeptical about the business, but I knew this trip would be lifechanging for him. And it certainly was! We both had such an amazing time meeting and getting to know our Kynect family. Chris was blown away by how everyone comes from all walks of life. He couldn’t get over how successful all of these people are and everyone’s positivity.” – Senior Director Jamie Heckman

“This trip was absolutely life changing. The best part was the mixing, mingling, meeting, laughing, dancing with people from all over striving to get to where you’re striving to go was touching to say the least. Everybody was so amazingly friendly and humble. It shows you just how great our culture is. I am here to stay! Thank you Kynect for bringing our dreams to life!” – Senior Director Angela Amey

 “I have been waiting for room service to come knocking on my door in my bedroom at home…No luck yet. You all spoiled us to the max and we are extremely grateful.  We went from spending the night at a $29 hotel room in order to get to Ignition in 2017 and joining the business on our ride home to spending an entire week being treated like royalty! I would redo that night at that hotel room just to be able to live through this experience again!” – Senior Director Maria “LaLa” de la Cruz

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