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Veterans Day Reflections from Founder Rob Snyder

November 11, 2019

Hi Gang:

Today, the entire Kynect Family extends our deepest gratitude to former and current military members and their families. These heroes answered our country’s call with courage and unimaginable sacrifice towards ensuing the promise of this nation for future generations.

Truly all Americans are all connected in freedom and in the ideals that shape the American spirit because of their honorable service. And to all our veterans, we say: thank you!

In recognition of Veterans Day, the Kynect Foundation has made a $1,500 donation to Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF), a non-profit organization that provides adaptive performance and athletic training to soldiers with life-altering injuries. Training is provided by ATF absolutely free of charge and as a result of donations from individuals and organizations like ours.

Now, I would like to issue a challenge to all of us.

Our Kynect culture compels us to give back and, indeed, answer a higher calling to change lives whenever possible. And not just when a holiday calls it.

While we pause today to honor the veteran community, let us also reflect on the ways in which we can revere these warriors daily—remembering always the Kynect Foundation’s commitment to serve these brave men and women.

With our combined efforts and generosity, the Kynect Foundation can continue to empower the work of ATF and other similar organizations.

Make a Donation

Please consider making a donation to the Kynect Foundation on behalf of a veteran in your life today. No amount of time or treasure could truly repay the debt we owe our soldiers.

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