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The Pogorzelskis Celebrate Success at Their ED Dinner

October 09, 2019

Greg and Terry Pogorzelski came together with team members, friends and family to celebrate their recent promotion to Executive Director at The Palm restaurant in downtown Philadelphia.

The Pogorzelskis enjoyed the celebration and great company, saying, “It’s a wonderful feeling when Kynect treats you like royalty for a huge accomplishment! As we were looking around the room we thought, ‘We would have never met anyone in that room if it wasn’t for the Kynect Business Opportunity!’ Now we are Kynected with more people who have become our friends and family!”

The Pogorzelskis were joined by many members of their team, friends and special guests from corporate including:

  • Children, Nate & Natalie Pogorzelski
  • NDs James Levins & Alyssa Bergman
  • EDs John & Kris Kostin
  • SDs Carl & Danielle Henchey
  • SDs Al & Linda Marsala
  • VP of Field Operations, Adrian Avila
  • Senior Manager of Recognition & Incentives, Kimberly Girard
  • Senior Manager of Field Development, Bearj Jehanian

During the dinner, everyone had an opportunity to share their fond memories of their Kynect journey, with the most meaningful being how the Pogorzelskis built their business as a family.

“The greatest feeling in the world is to watch another human being create some sort of success in their life,” said James Levins. “To see the entire Pogorzelski family build this business together and support each other is very special.”

Greg looks forward to his future with Kynect and hopes to be a Top 25 Income Earner. The Pogorzelski family continues to inspire others to be more proactive and dedicated leaders within the Kynect community.

“It was an honor to help celebrate the “Pogos” rise to Executive Director,” said Kimberly Girard. “On behalf of the corporate team, we are very proud of what this family has been able to accomplish in a short amount of time. We look forward to their continued leadership and success with Kynect.”


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